Can anyone derail Trump

Donald Trump ecstatic after stunning win in Nevada

Donald Trump has trounced his Republican rivals with a decisive victory in Nevada which has sent shockwaves across the Grand Old Party.

The Republican frontrunner picked up 45 per cent of the vote, with senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas trailing some 20 points behind.

“We will be celebrating for a long time tonight,” Trump told cheering supporters in a victory speech.

The lopsided result underscored the enormous challenge Trump’s rivals face as the candidates head into next week’s all important “Super Tuesday” contests involving 11 states.

Turnout was high, exceeding all expectations, with some caucus sites running low on ballots.

A triumphant Trump, who has alienated many Hispanic voters with his persistent anti-immigrant rhetoric, told supporters after his win that he was especially proud to have fared well with the Latino Republican voters in Nevada who overwhelmingly backed him.

And he told of how a wealthy friend wanted to donate $10 million dollars to his campaign but Trump said no because he is financing it himself.

Donald TrumpDonald Trump and some of his supporters

“Every time I see him it’s hard for me to turn down money because that’s not what I’ve done my whole life,” Trump said.

“I grab and grab and I get greedy. Now we’re going to get greedy for the United States and grab and grab and grab,” he added.

The real estate mogul had been all but certain to triumph in Nevada, with the big question being whether Rubio – who is favoured by mainstream Republicans – could clinch second place.

Not long after Trump’s win was certified in Nevada, Cruz’s campaign released a statement criticizing Rubio for not winning the state, but did not mention Trump at all.

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