Inkart Round 7 July 31st

Video Footage courtesy of Iridium racers  Ash Jones

Mark Kearon remained dominant at round 7, with Daniel Godly and David Comber putting in strong drives to round out the podium.

Heat 1 Daniel Godly led the field away through turns 1 and 2. Into lap 2, Mark Kearon led from Godly and Macauley, with Kearon already breaking free at the front with a 1.586 second advantage heading into lap 3. Down the order, George Watson was being put under pressure by David Comber, with Applin, Charman, and Taylor having a close battle at the back. Kearon increased his lead with 7 seconds covering the field. Donald Macauley broke free from Leigh Ebanks who led the pack of Morley-Freer, Godly, Watson, and Comber. Ashley Jones kept on the back of Comber heading into lap 9. Ebanks, Morley-Freer, and Godly all closed up going into the last lap. Mark Kearon won from Donald Macauley in 2nd and Leigh Ebanks in 3rd.

Heat 2 David Comber led the train at the start from Marc Morley-Freer and George Watson in 3rd. As the flag dropped, it was Comber who led from Watson who was on an early charge, getting past Morley-Freer at the first corner. Comber had already laid the foundations for a potential break-away drive as after the first lap being 7 tenths ahead of Watson in 2nd. Into lap 3, and Morley-Freer had to go defensive from Charman who looked up the inside into turn 3, with a few karts being shown the bumping board for excessive contact. Jones and Applin kept on the back of the pack and were locked down into a tight battle for 10th position, with the whole field being given the no kerbing board. Back at the front, Watson had reeled in Comber and held a 2 second gap to 3rd placed Luke Charman. Charman, however, had other ideas as he began to chase down the leading drivers of Comber and Watson and reduced the gap to just 1.791 seconds. An incident at turn 4 brought the yellows out with just 2 laps to go. With most drivers respecting the yellows and Jones falling down the order, Comber had pulled a 1.093 gap on Watson, securing the heat win, with Watson in 2nd, and Charman in 3rd.

Heat 3 It was Charman’s turn to lead the 11-strong field into turn 1 for the first time, from Jake Taylor and Garry Applin. Heading into turn 3, it was Charman who got ahead with an incident at the entry to turn 2. Charman started to build a gap from Jones and Applin. Watson and Comber were heavily involved in their own battle nearer the back of the grid, with Garrett Applin looking to catch Jones. Godly, Macauley, Watson and Comber all formed a train going round turn 3 onto the top straight, all within 6 tenths of eachother. Out front, Luke Charman pulled out a 1.486 second lead from Ashley Jones in 2nd. Watson maintained pressure on Godly as Applin closed the gap to Jones. Luke Charman won with a 1.4 second gap from Ashley Jones in 2nd, and Garrett Applin in 3rd. Kearon back to winning ways Kearon Edges Out The Rest Inkart Round 7 – 31st July 2016 By Kyle Jackson In 3rd

Final Mark Kearon led the field away as the green flag waved for the Senior Heavy Final. Godly, Comber, and Charman followed close behind setting a few quick laps to secure their track position while there was a significant amount of contact happening further back in the field. George Watson incurred a penalty for excessive bumping in the first few messy laps of the race. Kearon began to pull away from the rest of the pack, with Daniel Godly and David Comber also demonstrating excellent pace on the bottleneck layout. Morley-Freer was kept busy by Donald Macauley and Garrett Applin who were driving well to put pressure on the pack. Ashley Jones dropped back from the pack slightly as Charman and Comber had a good battle and numerous close encounters though turns 3 and 4 especially. George Watson retired and left 10 karts to battle it out on circuit, with Applin driving well to maintain pressure on MorleyFreer without losing his own concentration, as Comber and Godly raced closely to the end. Kearon crossed the line first, from Godly in 2nd and Comber in 3rd.

Results Final 1. Mark Kearon 2. Daniel Godly 3. David Comber




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