Inkart Sandown Round 5


Mark Kearon has been the class of the field so far this year, but Luke Charman found something extra in the final and put an end to Kearon’s winning run that stretched back to January.

Heat 1 David Comber got the Heavies day of racing underway from pole with reigning Champion, Arnold Macauley behind him in 2nd. Ashley Jones held onto 3rd but had Marc Morley-Freer breathing down his neck, challenging him for 3rd spot. Comber began to gap Macauley early on, building a 1 second lead over 2 laps. Championship leader, Mark Kearon was sitting in 9th, hot on the heels of Andy Henley and with George Watson following in his wheel tracks, looking for a way past. An attempt at a pass into the penultimate corner didn’t pay off and the pair of Kearon and Watson lost time to Henley. Comber had no such problems at the front as he continued to edge out a lead over Macauley who was now being caught by Jones, Morley-Freer and Luke Charman. Comber took the first win of the day ahead of Macauley, Jones, Charman and Donald Macauley.

Heat 2 Donald Macauley moved into the lead at the start as Daniel Godly was spun around by Garrett Applin, earning Applin a penalty. Alex Outrim was running in 2nd ahead of Andy Henley and George Watson with Henley moving into 2nd on lap 3. Macauley had broken free of the chasing pack as Henley set after him with a 1.6 second gap to close down. Watson was next to jump Outrim taking 3rd at the end of the Top Straight as Henley began to reel in Macauley. Henley had managed to reduce the gap and was applying the pressure on Macauley for the lead, forcing him to go very defensive and allowing Watson to close in in the dying stages. Macauley held on to win from Henley, Watson, Outrim and Ashley Jones.

Heat 3 Championship leader, Mark Kearon got away from pole but had Jake Taylor on his rear bumper through the opening corners. Leigh Ebanks had held 3rd at the start and was up the inside of Taylor into turn 3 on lap 2, but could not make it stick as Taylor regained the place. This was all playing into Kearon’s hand as he was unchallenged at the front and easily put some daylight between himself and the chasing pack. Taylor had managed to break free with a gap of over 1 second to Ebanks and Ashley Jones with another second back to Arnold Macauley who was closing in on the pair in front. Jones made his move to take 3rd from Ebanks and set after Taylor, catching and passing him quickly. Kearon had pulled out 3.5 seconds on the field by this stage and was looking pretty safe at the front, but Jones was beginning to reduce the gap. Kearon took the win ahead of Jones with Jones getting the gap down to 2.534 seconds.

Final Ashley Jones had claimed pole ahead of Donald Macauley and Mark Kearon. Ashley Jones led into turn 1, but Macauley held on around the outside to take the lead into turn 2. Jones lost a further position to Kearon on the run down the Top Straight as he tried to regain the lead with Arnold Macauley then passing him through turn 4. Kearon was hassling Donald Macauley for the lead, but Arnold Macauley snuck up on the pair of them and passed Kearon through the final corner to take 2nd on lap 2. Arnold Macauley chased down Donald Macauley and brought Kearon and Luke Charman along with him. Kearon moved back into 2nd through turn 3 with Charman following him through and the gap to Donald Macauley was quickly brought back down once more. Donald Macauley was driving very defensively, covering off the inside line where he could, but Charman slipped by into turn 1 and then Kearon moved into 2nd at turn 3 as a long line of karts began to form with 1st to 9th covered by 2.8 seconds. Charman began to put some distance between himself and Kearon with Kearon doing the same to Donald Macauley.

Arnold Macauley, David Comber, Alex Outrim, Andy Henley, George Watson and Daniel Godly were all lined up behind him with a legitimate chance of the final podium spot. Charman broke Kearon’s winning streak with the win in Round 5, beating Kearon across the line by 1.839 seconds. Donald Macauley held on for the final podium spot ahead of Arnold Macauley and Comber.

Results A Final 1. Luke Charman 2. Mark Kearon 3. Donald Macauley

Marc Morley-Freer

Author: Marc Morley-Freer

Marc Morley-Freer, born in Jersey and moved to the ‘mainland’ as a youngster. He now works in financial services as a Global Head of Private Clients. When not working he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his dogs and motor racing. #forcewindia

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