Daytona Inkart Rd 1, Sandown park

Marc Morley-Freer had been in impressive form in the heats, but Mark Kearon had other ideas in the Final, getting ahead and disappearing up the road.

Heat 1

Marc Morley-Freer led the field away with George Watson moving into 2nd through turn 1. Mark Kearon had a good opening lap, moving up several places into 3rd with a small gap back to David Comber by the end of lap 1. Morley-Freer, Watson and Kearon were all lapping nose-to-tail as they continued to pull away from the chasing pack which was now headed by Andy Henley. Morley-Freer was driving defensively as Kearon slipped past Watson for 2nd and took his turn at putting the leader under pressure. An attempt around the outside of a slippery turn 6 from Kearon gave him the inside line for turn 7 and with it, the lead of the race as they started the final lap. Morley-Freer wasn’t done though, holding onto the back of Kearon and repassing Kearon for the lead. Morley-Freer held it to the line, taking the win from Kearon, Watson, Henley and Arrun Saunders.

Inkart first corner

Heat 2

Andy Henley held the lead at the start, but lost out to Marc Morley-Freer who made a brilliant start on the opening lap. Henley now had to hold off Donald Macauley with Marques Riddell just a kart length behind the pair in 4th. Morley-Freer was beginning to build a lead at the front as Riddell hit kart troubles, moving Mark Kearon into 4th and onto the back of the Henley/Macauley battle. Henley was off the hook as Macauley was holding off Kearon, but it didn’t last long as Kearon was through and onto the back of Henley, passing Henley for 2nd through turn 6 with a lap to go. Morley-Freer was 2.4 seconds up the road at the start of the final lap and held the lead all the way to the finish, winning by 0.633 seconds from Kearon, Macauley, Henley and George Watson.


Heat 3

Jake Taylor lost out to Leigh Ebanks through the first few corners as a couple of the drivers spun at turn 1. Mark Kearon and Arrun Saunders were next to progress into 2nd and 3rd respectively and gave chase to Ebanks. Kearon was quickly onto the back of Ebanks and began to pressure him for the lead as the pair pulled away from Saunders. Taylor was sitting comfortably in 4th and was pulling away from the fight for 5th between George Watson, Marc Morley-Freer and Donald Macauley. Kearon continued to hound Ebanks, but failed to find a way through as Ebanks took the win by 0.271 seconds from Kearon, Saunders, Taylor and Watson.


Marc Morley-Freer lined up on pole for the first final of the year with Mark Kearon, Leigh Ebanks and George Watson behind him as the lights flashed to green to signal the start. The order remained unchanged as they made their way through turn 1 with the top three of Morley-Freer, Kearon and Ebanks beginning to break away. Ebanks began to attack Kearon for 2nd, allowing Morley-Freer to start building a gap. A dry line was beginning to appear and lap times began to tumble with Kearon adapting quickest and closing back up to the rear of MorleyFreer’s kart, towing Ebanks along in the process. Kearon lunged Morley-Freer into turn 2 on lap 5 and made the move stick, taking the lead of the race.

Morley-Freer did not have time to respond as Ebanks was now hot on his heels, looking to pass. Watson was running a steady race in 4th, maintaining a healthy gap over the fight for 5th between Andy Henley, Arrun Saunders and David Comber with Marques Riddell looking as though he may soon join them. Kearon was making the most of Morley-Freer and Ebanks’ battle and was quickly building a comfortable gap over the pair with the race’s end soon in sight. Kearon took the win, beating the rest by 3.126 seconds with Morley-Freer holding of Ebanks as they completed the podium.



Marc Morley-Freer

Author: Marc Morley-Freer

Marc Morley-Freer, born in Jersey and moved to the ‘mainland’ as a youngster. He now works in financial services as a Global Head of Private Clients. When not working he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his dogs and motor racing. #forcewindia

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