Force Windia Racing

Team Force Windia is a group of friends and ex-work colleagues who participate in regional arrive and drive karting events mainly with #DaytonaMsport  We drive in teams of two to five depending on the race format and recently completed the TW Steel Daytona 24 hour karting challenge at the Milton Keynes track. When tweeting we will use the hashtag #ForceWindia, check us out on twitter and

Team members from left to right –

Ron ‘Team Boss’ Comber, Peter Esders, Alex Outrim, David Comber,  Mark Haycroft, Marc Morley-Freer


Our most recent Force Windia Racing team posts … enjoy !

#Forcewindia Buckmore park 6hr endurance August 30th

After a bumpy qualifying where the team steadily improved throughout the session we lined up 14th from 33 teams, Not bad at all considering it was our first outing at the track for three of the four drivers. Only Peter Esders has raced at the track before.

Marc Morley-Freer was out first having had some more recent race start experience at the Inkart series at Daytona. So having lined up 14th and 11th by the end of lap one he got into an altercation with another kart and spun out to rejoin in position 22?? Totally his fault with too much red mist – it’s a 6 hour race that is never won in the first few laps only lost – lesson learnt. At the end of his stint with a number of 51 second laps the team was up to 10th.


A fuel stop and hand over to Peter Esders and the team was down to 14th. Peter put in some tight laps and was as normal uber consistent. Never blisteringly fast but then never making any real mistakes – just what you need for an endurance race. Consistent 52 second laps with a few 51 second laps thrown in and he handed over to Alex Outrim at the 3 hour mark in 13th place. A very slick stop between Peter and Alex and Alex headed out to join the end of a very busy train of karts.


Alex was on track, pounding out some quick laps getting used to the quick lines at the end of a super fast train of 6 karts. Steadily getting faster all the time and hitting the low 52’s. Now the team had already agreed that Alex would come in at about the 2 hour 10 minutes to go stage, meaning we would only need a fuel stop and another change over to be on course to have the mandatory stops required. So at 2.10 to go the pit crew started to call in Alex who promptly decided to IGNORE all our signals to our dismay. A full course yellow (perfect timing to stop in any motor race) still ignoring us.. . 

At this stage the team were muttering amongst themselves, ‘he’s been out on a single tank for 2hrs 45 now, that’ll bode well for the 24 hour race’  ‘he keeps pointing to the tank, how can he see how much fuel is left?’ At 1hr 30 to go he pits to hand over to David Comber having also put in 51 second laps (that’s all the 3 drivers so far – No pressure DC) and off he went. 

As Marc MF marched (Literally) over to alex to basically tell him to follow the orders of the pit crew, Alex took off his helmet all smiles ?!?!? He had actually fuelled up 2 laps BEFORE we had started to get him in, so had a full tank all the time. doh!


So David Comber was out in 13th but a lap behind 12th, and as he is usually the quickest of all the drivers the pressure was on to put in some fast laps and catch 12th. At this stage it was becoming apparent that Marc’s indiscretion on lap one was definitely going to cost the team a few places in the overall. David continued to pound out the laps getting quicker and quicker and now in the low 52’s steadily gaining pace on the team in front. As time drew on and with no yellow flags he was putting in 51’s, setting the team’s fastest lap of the day and gaining.

It was a valiant effort by everyone in the team, of course not forgetting Dan Comber who was in charge of the pits and team decision making (well the pits anyway) we finished off in a very creditable 13th overall out of 33 starters and had a great time.

The track as it turned out is very physical and soem some gung ho! moments especially into turn 6 and 7 which are pretty much flat drifting at full speed if you have the cahooners..!

Full results and analysis here