British expats investing in UK property

The start of the year saw a spike in the number of British expats based overseas looking to invest in UK property market as favourable currency changes like the recent Sterling weakness against the dollar makes Britain more affordable.

In addition, a growing demand for rental property and the complete, ongoing lack of supply of housing in the private rented sector are also making conditions ripe for investors. It is also an easier purchase to make from an emotional level as often these British Expats have experience of the buying process in the Britain and may have retained property assets.

Here is a good article explaining more from the Select Property Group

Marc Morley-Freer

Author: Marc Morley-Freer

Marc Morley-Freer, born in Jersey and moved to the ‘mainland’ as a youngster. He now works in financial services as a Global Head of Private Clients. When not working he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his dogs and motor racing. #forcewindia

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