What a joke as Ed Balls to get £88,000 ‘golden goodbye’

MP’s again showed that they are treated differently to everyone else when it was announced that Ed Balls will be one of the MP’s given huge windfalls to stand down after defeat at the general election.

Ed Balls will get a £88,000 ‘golden goodbye’ for losing his seat as part of a £11.5 million package of public money handed to MPs no longer in Parliament. The former Labour frontbencher has earned a £33,000 “resettlement” package for having served in the Commons for more than six years and £53,850 in expenses to close down his office.Other leading MPs who lost seats last week including Liberal Democrats Vince Cable and Simon Hughes and Conservative Esther McVey can expect similar amounts. The estimated £11.5 million to be paid out is more than the £10.4 million claimed after the 2010 election, which followed the expenses scandal and a global financial crisis. Ninety MPs voluntarily stood down from parliament this year while more than 80 stood for re-election but were defeated.

Source: Ed Balls to get £88,000 ‘golden goodbye’ as former MPs are handed £11.5m taxpayer payout – Telegraph

Marc Morley-Freer

Author: Marc Morley-Freer

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